Welcome to Dosakara Vedic Astrology! We are a trusted online platform dedicated to providing authentic and recommended Vedic services. Ashutosh Jha is an experienced astrologer who combines the wisdom of Vedic principles with modern interpretations to provide personal guidance and predictions.

At Dosakara Vedic Astrology, we believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-discovery and understanding. By analyzing the position and movement of the celestial body during birth, we can discover valuable information about your personality, relationships, work and all aspects of your life.

Our Services:

Natal Chart Analysis: We provide detailed information about your natal chart (also known as zodiac sign or Kundli). By analyzing the specific functions and interactions of the planets, we uncover the strengths, weaknesses and challenges in your life.

Predictive Astrology: Our expert astrologers give you accurate predictions about all aspects of your life, including career, finances, health, relationships and more. We help you make important life decisions and plan for the future using transits, dashas (planetary cycles) and other predictions.

Relationship Compatibility: Understanding relationship compatibility is the key to happiness and harmony.
We use the principles of Vedic astrology to analyze relationships between partners, friends and family members. Our relationship curriculum provides insight into relationships and issues, providing guidance to improve understanding and communication.

Gemstone Recommendation : Gemstones have been used for centuries in Vedic astrology to increase the energy of the stars and balance life. Our experts recommend creating a beautiful stone according to your natal chart to help you use positive effects and reduce energy.

Remedies: Vedic astrology has many remedies for overcoming problems and developing positive energy.
We offer self-healing programs such as mantras, rituals and planetary gifts to help you lessen the effects of Earth’s complexities and improve your overall health.

Our Method:
Dosakara Vedic Astrology maintains high standards of accuracy and confidentiality in all aspects of our services. Our academics have deep knowledge and understanding of Vedic astrology and strive to give you the most accurate and clear advice.

We value our customers’ trust in us and our goal is to help people make informed decisions, solve life’s problems and unlock their true potential. Whether you want to gain clarity about your past, present or future,

Disclaimer: Vedic astrology is based on ancient wisdom and should be viewed as a tool for guidance and self-reflection. It does not guarantee specific benefits or management of life events. The interpretations and predictions given by Dosa Black Vedic Astrology are subject to personal interpretation and personal preference.

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